If you own a SUV, Jeep, or Light Pickup (1/2 ton) and are looking to get a little traction for when your at the beach, or live down a dirt road, and when it rains, you slip and slide up and down the road? 
     Do you spend all your time on paved roads? exempt the occasional dirt road?  Ok. first, there are designatioins for this kind of tire,  Highway tires are designed for 80/20.  Confused? here it is in a nut shell, 80 means 80% paved road and 20 means 20% off road.  (i.e. dirt roads, sand, etc...)  the perfect tire for most vehicles, we all commute on paved roads most of the time.  You only really need a SUV tire (all terrain)
if you are on dirt and sand about half the time.  When buying a tire, we go back to the sidewall lettering, look at the tire size application, if it says P205/65R16 (P) means pmetric, which is a passenger tire.  if it says LT215765R16 All Terrain, then it's good for Pickups or sport vehicles that spend more time off road then on.  But if you have a road that is in bad shape and get stuck going up or down it, then a All terrain may be a option.  we will get into more later.

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